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Barbara Price-Rees - Medium, Spirit Artist and Art Teacher

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website in 2014 which is bound to be a very different and exciting year. Here you will find a sample of my experiences when working as a spirit artist and medium. Whilst my first psychic development began over twenty years ago; it is within the last seventeen years that my life and development as an artist and medium has grown. Along with this has come the opportunities to work with and for the spirit world in a more professional capacity. Each year there has been an extension in my abilities and consequently the way in which the spirit world is working with and through me for the benefit of all.

In early 2013 my lightning sketches of relatives and friends in spirit transitioned from pencil to ink. This involvement has enabled me to work faster and more accurately. I have enjoyed lifting the level of my artistic style and in this area I am always continuing to improve my skills in order to be a more skilled medium for spirit to work with.

*** WHAT'S NEW ***

** Tarot Course - Contact me for details of the next 3 day course - starting March 14th 2015.

Painting Spirit Guides:
For many years I have produced portraits for clients of their Spirit Guide using pastels. Now I have evolved those images to be produced using acrylic paints. These portraits have a special vibrance and a great attention to detail. Being produced in acrylic paint on canvas they are very durable and ready for immediate placement into a frame of choice, together with a border mat. Here is a link to some of the paintings already produced on the artwork link. ARTWORK

There are also a number of new insertions of images on the link from the spirit art page, of matching photographs to my drawings. I would like to thank those people who took the time to find the matching photographs, therefore providing confirmations. I have also added some of the ink sketches to the pages of spiritual groups and churches where I conduct demonstrations. In some of these demonstrations I work with a talented medium Mark Morstead. On the new page 2014 Itinerary there is a complete list of demonstrations and expos where I will be working.

Two new pages were added to the website in 2012 and are viewable via the 'television ch31' link. There is a clip of a demonstration of spirit art that was featured on the channel 31 program, 'Consulting the Oracle,' in December, 2011.

You will find a list of services provided; and I am available to do private readings at East Doncaster, Victoria. These readings and drawings can be arranged by email, text or phone.
Email. barbara@barbarapricerees.com

OR spiritart@graphicsnow.com.au